Joining and Sign In
Is TripHQ exclusively for members?

No, anyone can browse our website, but to use TripHQ to its fullest all you have to do is register your own account.

How do I register with TripHQ? Is there a joining fee or subscription?

Membership is currently free. Please click here to fill in the simple registration form.

What features do I get if I join TripHQ?

It only takes a minute to get started and here is what you have access to:

  • Help plan your travel and make the most of your trip
  • Learn tips on how to do business and acceptable business etiquette
  • Access important, reliable business information to ensure a successful journey
  • Book business accommodation
  • Select restaurants that are business appropriate
  • Get briefed on destination’s nuances
  • And there are lots of other features that we are constantly introducing!
Why do I have to give my location and phone details?

Your personal information is stored so we can tailor important updates for you. We promise we'll never pass it onto third parties, other than the hotel/s if you have booked through us (see our privacy policy).

How do I edit my account information?

Click here to edit your information – just be sure to click the “Save profile” button when you’re finished.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Fill in your email address on the log in forma and click on "Forgot Password" and we will send your password to your email inbox within a few minutes.

I am having trouble logging-in with my correct user name and password?

To use TripHQ, your computer must be able to accept session Cookies. Click on Tools in your internet browser's tool bar, then Internet Options, followed by the Privacy/Security tab and then lower the setting. Passwords are case sensitive so make sure your Caps Lock is not on.

My Briefcase
How to use My Briefcase

My Briefcase is a handy way to save your favourite content on a city you're travelling to or doing business in. If you click on the briefcase icon when browsing through the website it automatically saves the content in your Briefcase. You can access online or download a PDF to save, print or share with colleagues or family. 

Finding an Organisation
How do I find a specific organisation or business, can I email you?

If you know of the type of organisation or business, you can search by type or its name. Due to the amount of e-mails we receive every day, we cannot provide you with a one-on-one travel destination information.

What if I know about a great location or organisation TripHQ doesn’t cover?

We’re always on the lookout for terrific new discoveries. If you know of an organisation, or attraction that is not listed on TripHQ, simply email feedback@TripHQ.com

How does TripHQ choose its locations and organisations?

We are constantly uncovering new locations and organisations - through our own local networks and through our member’s recommendations. But if feedback from our members is consistently bad, we remove them, with the aim of ensuring TripHQ is your trusted travel information site.

What if I find that something on this site needs to be updated?

We want to give everyone accurate and the most and up-to-date information. To suggest changes or any updates, simply email feedback@TripHQ.com

Do my browser’s privacy settings affect my TripHQ experience?

TripHQ works with most levels of your browser’s privacy settings, so your experience will not change.

I’m getting an Expired Certificate warning.

This will happen only if you’re accessing our site using an old browser. Check with the certificate vendor for browser version compatibility, or switch to a newer browser.

The TripHQ website is uploading very slowly?

Our website’s usually very quick, so it might actually be your Internet connection that’s slow. Check with your Internet Service Provider to see if there’s a problem on that end.

What browser works best with this Site?

TripHQ works best on Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer (version 10 or later).

Does the TripHQ site use cookies?

Yes. Cookies help make us more responsive to your needs and allow us to tailor our site to your interests, giving you a better TripHQ experience.