About Us

Welcome to TripHQ, your business travel guide, with all you need to know to be more successful doing business in emerging markets around the globe. It offers insider knowledge on the most relevant, practical and difficult to find information such as how to get around, essential business, language & cultural information, reputable medical, retail & sporting facilities as well as online business hotel bookings and restaurant recommendations.

How it all began

A few years ago, Simon Honeybone and Susie Macmillan decided to do something about the frustrations that they experienced as people travelling to different countries for work. This was the beginning of TripHQ.

Founders, Simon from New Zealand and Susie from Australia, were both living and working in Dubai at the time. They both struggled with common issues that business people face when visiting countries for the first time on business – buying travel guides, trawling through websites and travel forums in an attempt to find adequate and current information. Travel guides feature tons of data but when it comes to doing business in countries you’re unfamiliar with, and especially emerging markets, you need specific information not generally available.

Simon and Susie were inspired to create an online portal featuring all the information that you would ever need to know to do business successfully in unfamiliar cities. Sharing the idea with other international business people, it was clear many faced the same issues and that a TripHQ would be a great solution.

TripHQ was born with an emphasis on emerging and frontier markets due to the scarcity of information available.

TripHQ is based on actual experiences and challenges that business travellers have. This is why each city guide focuses on the most relevant, practical and difficult to find information. It provides data about both business environment and lifestyle, making it easier to navigate unfamiliar cities.

Business is the Focus

We know what it takes to do business in an unfamiliar market or country and we’ve put this knowledge into the creation of each business travel guide.

As a business person expanding your geographical responsibilities, you have to get used to new places quickly. You have to overcome language and cultural barriers. You have to hit the ground running. TripHQ aims to diminish these obstacles by providing all the information that you would ever need during your travels. It’s a functional portal that features high quality, authentic and regularly updated content. TripHQ is essential in helping international business people connect with local people and organisations.

Registered members can create, download or share their briefcase (favourites). The trip information can be stored and shared with other international travellers, family and colleagues.

We are a team of explorers wanting to make the most of our business trips to a city. Our approach to business travel is in the heart and soul of TripHQ. We each have different and valuable experiences to share. With headquarters in Singapore, we’ve created an international team that’s responsible for building our digital international business traveller community.

Watch our Video to learn more. If you’d like to send us feedback we’d love to hear from you – email us feedback@TripHQ.com.

Wishing you successful business travels!

A Little About Us
Simon Honeybone
Creator of Opportunities

A Kiwi and an accomplished shipbuilder, Simon has worked across the globe. His profession has taken him to Asia, America, the Middle East and Africa. Simon has extensive knowledge of what it takes to work in a multi-cultural organisation. Over the years he's mastered the art of adopting business protocols and the diversified cultural etiquette of each place he visited.  When he’s not in meetings, Simon’s passion is seeking out a happening café and enjoying a great coffee watching the locals go about their day.

Susie Macmillan
Chief Ambassador

With a background in marketing, Susie Macmillan is TripHQ's co-founder.  An Australian hailing from Sydney, Susie has been living and working overseas for many years including Asia Pacific and the Middle East. As a woman, Susie has had many diversified challenges that businesswomen in emerging markets like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia face.  When Susie’s not working, she loves to explore the culture and heart of a city, and discovering local experiences that are away from the tourist track.

Aleksey Kiselenko
Doctor Guru

Originally from Kiev, Ukraine Alex has a degree in Computer Engineering with over 20 years’ experience as CTO developing and managing IT platforms for both small and large organisation. Alex’s heads our IT department and his favourite technologies are C# ASP.NET and Windows applications, both web-based and desktop. When not programming he enjoys exploring new cities and cultures with his family.

Lorraine Scully
Make It Happen Chief

A Malaysian, born and based in Penang, Lorraine Scully is the Make It Happen Chief for TripHQ. She is multilingual - fluent in English, Bahasa Malay, Hokien; and conversational Mandarin - and heads up our program initiatives. Lorraine is in her element working across diverse demographics and cultures and has a passion for innovation and technology, having worked in various roles at IT giants, Intel and Dell. When she’s not working, Lorraine loves to travel. Clearly she got the 'travel bug' from her early career as a flight attendant for Singapore Airlines.